A partir de 32 550€ TTC

    Motorisations disponibles: THP160 BVA6

    – Aide au stationnement arrière
    – Jantes alliage 16″ BAIKAL*
    – Rétroviseur intérieur électrochrome
    – Lève-vitres avant et arrière électriques
    – Signature lumineuse par guides de lumière avant et arrière
    – Audio CD MP3 + Kit mains libres Bluetooth + USB
    – Volant réglable en hauteur et profondeur
    – Frein de stationnement électrique automatique
    – Allumage automatique des feux de croisement
    – Accoudoir central arrière avec trappe à skis
    – Baguettes latérales chromées
    – Essuie-vitre avant automatique
    – Rétroviseurs électriques et dégivrants

    – Climatisation automatique bi-zone
    – Sabres chromés à l’avant
    – Kit de dépannage provisoire de pneumatiques
    – Antibrouilllard avant + éclairage d’intersection
    – ABS avec REF, AFU et ESP
    – Ordinateur de bord
    – Système de navigation eMyWay
    – Régulateur/limiteur de vitesse programmable
    – Répétiteurs de clignotant à LED
    – Double canule d’échappement chromée
    – Volant croûte de cuir
    – Détection de sous-gonflage
    – Airbags frontaux, latéraux AV et rideaux
    – Vitres et lunette arrière surteintées


    A partir de 34 300€ TTC

    Motorisations disponibles: THP160 BVA6

    So Chic = Be Chic + Equipements

    – Toit cockpit
    – Aide au stationnement avant et arrière

    – Montre analogique
    – Seuils de porte avant et arrière en métal
    – Rétroviseurs rabattables électriquement


    A partir de 38 550€ TTC

    Motorisations disponibles: THP160 BVA6

    Sport Chic = So Chic + Equipements

    – DS Connect Box (yc Pack SOS et assistance)
    – Surtapis avant et arrière
    – Projecteurs directionnels Xénon bi-fonction


    – Accès et démarrage mains libres
    – Jantes alliage 18″ CANAVERAL diamantées Gris
    – Pédalier et repose-pied en aluminium
    – Sièges avant électriques
    – Aide au stationnement AV/AR et Caméra de recul
    – Volant Cuir Nappa




    Avant-garde design : Its new sculpted and sophisticated ‘DS Wings’ grille offers an  assertive styling while delivering fully new driving sensations.



    A new, magnetic look: Its new headlights “DS LED VISION “combine LED and Xenon technologies with – scrolling indicators – signals unique on the market- and LED fog lamps with static intersection lighting. Its signature lighting offers top performance plus modern styling.



    Haute-couture: Inside are authentic materials, exclusive craftsmanship and elegance in every detail. Three qualities of leather are available, including semi-aniline leather, the most luxurious in the automotive industry. The watch bracelet design of the seats is found in no other car in the world; metal and aluminium trim echo the DS trademark; an analogue clock is yet another appealing feature.



    A cabin inspired by the world of aerospace design: The cockpit roof, the colour head-up display, thumb wheels and aviation-type toggle switches mounted on large, high and low central consoles are features to stir everyone’s imagination.



    The new, high-performance BlueHDi and THP engines: They now meet Euro 6 standards, meaning they are cleaner-running and more fuel-efficient. The new EAT6 automatic gearbox delivers outstanding performance, with 25%-faster gear changes, no vibration, which makes it pleasant to use, and fuel consumption nearly matching the best manual gearboxes.



    Hybrid 4×4 technology: Debuting with the DS 5, this full-hybrid powertrain offers both the on-road performance of the HDi 160 diesel engine and the efficiency of electric power: 200 hp, 4-wheel drive and electric mode for city driving (90 g of CO2/km). A hybrid that means “pleasure”.



    A unique driving experience: The New DS 5 boasts dynamic, responsive behaviour, precise, direct steering, and a perfect blend of comfort and power; equipment that progressively comes to life (push start button, deployment of the head-up display, activation of instrument cluster needles); and a driving position and easy-to-reach controls that are an invitation to travel.

    920X520-NEW_DS5_lesPlus-Experience de conduite


    Latest-generation equipment: features enhancing well-being and safety include keyless entry and start, a reversing camera, automatic headlights, blind spot monitoring, and a lane departure warning system.



    The New DS 5 continues the high-tech driving experience with a colour touchdrive interface.
    This latest-generation screen also includes New Mirror Screen technology. This function lets users mirror smartphone content onto the colour screen, in order use all their apps safely.

    For a safe, relaxed drive, the New DS 5 is also available with the ‘DS Connect Box’ including the ‘SOS & Assistance’ Pack. This trailblazing system enables localised emergency and assistance calls, sending out assistance where necessary.



    Everyday driving pleasure: The New DS 5 delivers it thanks to its exceptional architecture, which combines compact body dimensions (4.53 m) with a roomy interior: five real seats, a spacious boot (468 l VDA) and modular features (tailgate, 1/3 – 2/3 foldable seats) – a unique design that eliminates the usual trade-offs.





    Offered by no other manufacturer, the NEW DS 5 is equiped from the Intelligent Traction Control which ensures safe driving on slippery surfaces and helps keep the New DS 5 moving in snow, black ice or rain;
    Enjoy an exceptionally smooth and dynamic driving experience thanks to aA full range of state-of-the-art safety systems:
    – Suspension that filters out bumps in the road;
    – Steering responds gradually and promptly without being overly sensitive;
    – Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and Emergency Braking Assistance provide better control during braking;
    – ABS and ESP keep the car on course in the trickiest driving situations.




    The new-generation 6-speed automatic gearbox delivers exceptional driveability :
    – faster and smoother gear changes,
    – less internal friction, etc.),



    The new efficient, high-performances engines place the New DS 5 on a par with the best in the premium segment. All the engines available with the New DS 5, both petrol and diesel, combine power (between 120 and 210 bhp) with respect for the environment (between 3.8l /100 km and 4.3l / 100 km for the diesel models). Without forgetting the Hybrid 4×4: 90g/km of CO2 for consumption of
    3.5l / 100 km over a combined cycle.



    With its new-generation 6-speed automatic gearbox (faster and smoother gear changes, less internal friction, etc.), the New DS 5 THP 165 S&S has combined-cycle consumption of 5.9 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 135 g/km, a gain of 30 g/km or 18% (combined cycle, compared with the THP 155 Euro 5 engine).

    With a maximum injection pressure of 200 bars and the Stop & Start technology (with an improved starter), this engine delivers maximum power of 120 kW (165 hp CEE) at 6,000 RPM. Maximum torque is 240 Nm from 1,400 RPM and remains constant up to 4,000 RPM, offering remarkably smooth driving at low and medium engine speeds.



    By combining the latest 6-speed automatic gearbox with BlueHDi technology, this engine naturally meets high standards of performance in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as well as torque :  3.8 l / 100 km, 100g / km of CO2, torque of 300 Nm. With these results, the New DS 5 sets the standard with respect to the competition.



    The New DS 5 sets the standard in torque, fuel consumption and emissions. This 2-litre HDi 150 engine consumes 4.4l / 100 km for CO2 emissions of 103g / km, an improvement of 22g compared with the HDi 160. At the same time, maximum torque is higher than for the previous generation (HDi 160, Euro 5) with 370 Nm at 2,000 rpm.



    The BlueHDi 180 engine delivers exceptional driveability with output of 133 kW and maximum torque of 400 Nm at 2,000 rpm. The addition of a variable-geometry turbocharger along with higher supercharging pressure and combustion pressure boosts the power of the New DS 5 BlueHDi 180 by 20 bhp compared with the previous generation. Further, this new engine is equipped with balance shafts to deliver the acoustic and vibration comfort expected at this level of the range. The New DS 5 BlueHDi S&S 180 6-speed automatic combines performance – on a par with the best in its class for CO2 emissions and fuel consumption (110g/km of CO2 , an improvement of 44g compared with the HDi 160, and 4.3l/100 km) – with real driveability (400 Nm of torque).



    The DS 5 was the first vehicle to feature diesel hybrid technology. The new version will still be available with this drivetrain, which combines the performance of an HDi diesel engine with the qualities of an electric motor. The Hybrid 4×4 delivers powerful driving sensations (200 bhp, four drive wheels, electric urban drive, accelerator boost function) with low CO2 emissions (90g / km) and consumption of 3.5l / 100 km, falling to less than 3l in the city.
    The Hybrid 4×4 model features a choice of four modes: the driver selects one of four operating modes using the dial on the central console: Auto, Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV), Four-wheel drive (front wheels powered by the combustion engine and rear wheels powered by the electric motor), Sport (maximum use of the electric motor as back-up for the combustion engine).




  • New DS 5 - Hurricane Grey
  • New DS 5 - Hurricane Grey

Hurricane Grey

  • Hurricane Grey

    Hurricane Grey
  • Arctic Steel

    Arctic Steel
  • Shark Grey

    Shark Grey
  • Perla Nera Black

    Perla Nera Black
  • Vapor Grey

    Vapor Grey
  • Blue Ink

    Blue Ink
  • Pearl White

    Pearl White



    Avant-garde Style

    Immediately distinguishable, the New DS 5 has an exceptional exterior and interior design. Expressive from every angle, its aerodynamically sculpted attracts admiring looks wherever it goes and exhausts a dynamic and smooth road handling.


    New front grille DS Wings

    On the New DS 5, the front end gains character and prestige. The vertical grille proudly bears the DS Wings — emblem of the DS brand and a nod to the original DS.

    Underlining the assertive looks of the front end, the hexagonal DS Wings grille gains a sculpted, graphic design that is truly unique. A chrome surround further enhances the elegant looks of the grille, which is extended by two wings of light inside the headlamps.


    New Headlamps ” DS Led Vision”

    the New DS 5 features the brand’s new light signature with headlamps combining LED and Xenon technologies with scrolling indicators – signals unique on the market- ,  and LED fog lamps with static intersection lighting.

    Designed to resemble stones in their setting, these headlamps are key features in the identity of the front face. Meeting high standards in lighting quality, they also — and above all — illustrate the refinement and attention to detail of DS


    Powerful Rear

    The rear view further underlines the status of the New DS 5 with its wide tracks and twin tailpipe integrated with the rear bumper. The rear view is further enhanced by a signature comprising six light guides.


    A ‘cockpit’ style driving position

    The interior of the New DS 5 brings to mind the world of aerospace design. The most symbolic feature is the cockpit roof. With its three light wells, the roof creates a unique ambience tailored to individual requirements, by day and by night.

    The driving position was designed around the driver. The main controls are grouped on two central consoles, one low and one overhead, with specially designed buttons, dials and toggle switches, inspired by the aerospace industry.


    The new color 7″ touchscreen

    A touchdrive interface for a simplified ergonomic design

    The intuitive design of the new 7″ touchscreen makes it simple to use.

    This new screen has allowed the fascia and central console to be streamlined and simplified, creating more storage space for greater convenience in everyday use.


    An atmosphere of high fashion

    The New DS 5 is one of the few cars offering a choice of 3 qualities of leather in eight combinations:
    – grained leather, full-grained Nappa leather, and semi-aniline leather, one of the most beautiful qualities available and one rarely used in the automotive world other than by a few luxury car manufacturers.

    Thus seen for the first time:
    – New decoration for the doors and central console, with the DS monogram as the pattern motif, the logo newly displayed, and care given to every detail of the car;
    – New upholstery, with two-tone Mistral Black and Saphire Blue Nappa leather, finished with the watchstrap design unique in the automotive world and found exclusively in the DS range.



    The high-quality materials used in the New DS 5 add to its distinctiveness and make it an ambassador for the Brand’s craftsmanship :
    – Aluminium on the door grips, decorated consoles, metal on the gear lever knob and interior door handles;
    – Supple foamed material agreeable to the touch on the dashboard;
    – Sound-proofing and noise absorption have been dealt with in every detail so that sounds are soft and muted.

    Adding to the comfort of the New DS 5 are the massaging seats with an electronic memory.


    For a safe, relaxed drive, the New DS 5 is also available with the ‘DS Connect Box’ including the ‘SOS & Assistance’ Pack. This trailblazing system enables localised emergency and assistance calls, sending out assistance where necessary

    To further increase comfort and safety: a number of ‘Connect Packs’ are now available:
    • Monitoring Pack: includes a virtual maintenance manual (automatic mileage monitoring, alerts on upcoming scheduled servicing operations), eco-driving (personalised tips based on driving style) and a driving report (a summary of vehicle use).
    • Mapping Pack: locates the vehicle, displays journey details and information on vehicle use if it is loaned to another driver.
    • Tracking Pack: geolocates the vehicle in the event of theft.


    The New DS 5 has the blind spot monitoring system, a state-of-the-art safety feature providing increased visibility.

    A symbol lights up in one of the door mirrors to warn the driver that a car or motorcycle is present in the blind spot.


    The second-generation lane departure warning system in the New DS 5 is more sensitive. If the car crosses the road line, the driver feels a warning vibration in his seat.


    By improving the grip of the tyres and reducing wheelspin, this system combined with ESC helps to get started on slippery surfaces, regardless of the type of road or engine.


    When cornering at low speeds (up to 40 km/h), the fog lights with static cornering lighting project an extra beam of light on the inside of the corner or intersection.


    The tyre pressure monitoring system checks tyre pressure continually during driving to detect any under-inflation that could adversely impact the stability of the vehicle and the safety of the driver and passengers.


    The keyless access and start system on the New DS 5 recognises the driver as he approaches the car. Touch a door handle and the door opens, then simply push the start button to start the engine.


    With the mini camera built into the windscreen, the headlights on the New DS 5 are switched on and off automatically according to the light and driving conditions.


    The reversing camera sends a colour image to the new 7″ touchscreen. The driver can then use coloured visual guides to back up safely.


    Head-up Display, a spectacular technology

    A technology that increases safety by improving visibility and convenience.
    A very innovative – and very impressive – technology borrowed from fighter planes, the Head-up Display allows the driver to keep his eyes on the road at all times by projecting essential driving information on a panel in his direct line of vision.

    The colour Head-up Display panel, the three digital dials, and the needle in the control cluster all light up when the “start” button is pushed… Fascinating!